About Us

At dailyhealingprayers.com we believe in the power of pray not just in times of need but in daily life.  I am a cradle Catholic and like many Catholics I drifted from the church in my late teens and early twenties.  I thought often of God and never stopped believing but he wasn’t a part of my daily life.

One night during a diffuclet time in my early thirties I prayed for health of a loved one.  It all worked out and they recovered but days later it occurred to me that I had already stopped praying.  I had become someone who only prayed when I needed something from God. I knew that wasn’t what kind wanted of me so I started praying everyday.  That let me to eventually going back to church and becoming an active remember.

It is my goal of this website to bring others back to their faith by providing a resource for them to pray daily and during times of need.